Antiques are my passion: the ancient craft that allows my mahogany cupboard to protect generations of family treasures; the subtle imperfections of a rustic hand-carved chair that reveal the maker's dedication and love; the fine curve of a baroque mirror...Quality is eternal!

After 40 years (and 4 children) in Europe, I'm now excited to fulfill a lifelong dream of bringing the exceptional pieces that I love to the heart of historic USA. 

I received my diploma in Fine Arts and Antiques after having studied in Brussels, Kortrijk and Paris. While living in the crossroads of Europe, I was continually impressed by the Belgian appreciation of beauty and quality. I have been strongly inspired by renowned Belgian designers such as Axel Vervoordt and Walda Pairon as well as by my own personal mentors: Nathalie Samain and Lut Luyten. 

This move to Virginia has been a long time in the making and I am grateful for all the friends and family who have encouraged, supported and helped me along this way!